Dog comforts struggling koala by water bowl

It’s always wonderful to see interspecies animal friendships. There’s always something so unique and sweet about surprising animals forming a bond.

From cats and dogs to domesticated animals and wild ones, it’s always wonderful to see animals getting along.

Often, animals have friends of their own that they are thrilled to interact with. And let’s admit, when we see animals playing together, our hearts melt.

It’s even more beautiful when animals help each other in times of need. That’s just what happened with a koala and a dog while Australia was experiencing wildfires.

Many people have shared stories of thirsty koalas entering the backyards of their neighbors to grab some water, especially when temperatures rise.

Riley and Olivia Stone have a dog named Rusty who has a buddy named Quasi. The thing about Quasi is that he’s a koala. But as you’ll see, Rusty doesn’t mind and neither does Quasi.

The two have been friends for some time. Quasi comes down to visit the backyard of a man named Kevin. One day, a relative of Riley and Olivia Stone, Danielle Stone, decided to capture their brief and sweet interaction on camera.

A neighbor, Robert Frost, decided to share the video on his Facebook page. Since then, it’s become a viral hit. It currently has over 7 million views and has been shared over 220,000 times.

Though the video might seem “small” in nature (it’s a mere 16 seconds), the reaction it’s garnered shows how big it really is.

In the video, Quasi drinks from a big pot of water. Shortly after, Rusty appears and takes a few licks as well. But he stops and turns to Quasi who stops as well and looks back at Rusty.

The tender moment happens when they touch noses. Rusty actually licks the koala before their noses touch.

It’s a brief moment but so powerful. Who knows what special powers animals have. Perhaps Rusty could sense that Quasi had been going through a lot and was trying to comfort him.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad it happened because it just goes to show that friendship knows no boundaries.

Viewers of the video have also shared their gratitude to Frost for sharing the video.

“Great video mate. Put a smile on my face and I’m sure many others. Hope you are well.”

“I love nature ….thanks for the post, Andrew.”

We’re so glad Quasi has such a nice family looking out for him and making sure he’s okay. It’s so sweet to see him with his best bud Rusty, and it just goes to show that animals from different species can get along.

Check out the video of Rusty and Quasi below!

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