Doctors can’t figure out mom’s 10-year illness then contractors solve the mystery

Our health is often something many of us take for granted. And when we get a cold or the flu, we realize how important our health is to us. Now, imagine being sick for over a decade…

That’s what happened to Kathi Wilson of Indiana.

Her mysterious condition left her walking with a cane and having hardly any energy at all. Just like an old lady. Her daughter Ashley says it got worse and worse over the years. What was even more frustrating was the fact that they had no answers.

Even her doctor was baffled.

Kathi had all the symptoms. Malaise, muscle ache, fatigue – which slowly got worse over the course of ten years. Kathi’s doctor, Mary Beth Hensley, couldn’t pinpoint what was making Kathy this sick.

Kathi underwent all sorts of tests and tried different medications. Cardiac testing, chest X-rays, MRIs to the brain and the spine, and many other routine checks were done.

Doctor Hensley felt that they were very thorough and yet there was no answer to Kathi’s mysterious condition.

Imagine a decade of the flu.

And when all seemed lost, a bunch of guys figured it out. No, not doctors or specialists. Contractors. Three burly men were hired to remodel Kathi’s bathroom. All it took were some tools.

Turns out, Kathi was slowly being poisoned.

It was the furnace and the water heater. They were improperly hooked up which made the system leak small amounts of carbon monoxide. The colorless, odorless gas is dubbed the “silent killer“. One search online will result in many cases of fatalities due to this gas.

The guys went to work.

These three men fixed the connections and soon after, Kathi was back on her feet with renewed vigor. She no longer needed the cane and could finally take walks with her daughter. Her voice had some catching up to do. That’s the effect of ten years.

Kathi told Inside Edition:

“I felt great. Mentally, I haven’t been this happy in I couldn’t tell you how long.”

Hugs for the heroes!

Kathi has nothing but gratitude and respect for the hired contractors who finally solved her decade-long dilemma. No white coats or stethoscopes, just shirts and wrenches, and here she is, on her own two feet giving the guys long hugs. They literally put her back on her feet.

Talk about a second chance at life.

More than 400 people lose their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning every year. There are also 20,000 visits to the emergency room and 4,000 hospitalized. It’s a very serious matter and yet not many are aware of the dangers.

As one viewer put it,

“That is terrible when no one knows what’s wrong with you. Going to doctor after doctor with no relief. I am happy she is doing much better and has her life back.”

Cars, furnaces, heaters, generators, and the like all produce carbon monoxide. Kathi got small doses every day and she is very lucky to have gotten away with her life.

What can you do?

Install a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway, near the garage, and spaces that you think would benefit from one. Kathi had all the symptoms of low amounts of poisoning. It’s too bad she spent so much money on her doctors. But better safe than sorry.

Kathi’s got ten years to make up for. It’s given her a new outlook on life that’s for sure. Take a page out of this story. Have your furnaces, burners, heaters, and even the garage checked. You can’t see it, and hopefully, it’s not there.

Kathi’s story has captured people across the internet’s attention. As of now, Inside Edition’s coverage has over 362K views.

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