Disappointed owners abandoned the puppy at the gas station

The volunteer of the Furry States zoo did not think that a trip for gasoline would turn into the rescue of a small puppy. It all started when the girl found a basket next to a gas station, writes positive-info

In the basket, about the origin of which the employees of the gas station could not say anything intelligible, a puppy was found. And also a black bag with a long note:

«Toshka, born at the end of January. Washed, vaccinated.2 injection 25. Gave in the shelter, like a corgi, do not accept returns! Burying is very expensive » Attention! Not corgi!!! Mongrel!!! Steals food, spoils furniture! Eats everything, loves bread and chickens, bones! Take him to the shelter, please! Or he can be an excellent security guard in a country house. A carrier and 200 rubles as present!!!»

Struck by the irresponsibility of the former owners of the puppy» non-corgi“, she took the baby home. The puppy was incredibly hungry and ate in volumes that are not always eaten by an adult dog. He calmly survived the trip to the bathroom and behaved as calmly as possible.

The next day, Novi, that was the name of the puppy, was waiting for an examination at the vet. The doctor determined that the baby did not have any serious problems, so he went to the shelter. At the shelter, the puppy tried to find its mother in every older dog. Employees assume that Novi was taken away from his mother too early.

Now Novi has finally settled into the shelter. He is very dependent on the opinion of the person, constantly turns to the volunteers and employees, as if asking “Am I doing everything right?”

Most likely, soon the puppy will be able to go to his new home, where the fact that he does not have a breed will not be a problem.

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