Disabled veteran is treated to a holiday grocery shopping trip

It’s heartbreaking to watch a person struggle, especially when it’s a veteran.

The same men and women who risked their lives to protect our country can sometimes end up disabled, broke, and even homeless.

The holiday season can be extra tough for someone who’s struggling.

As we steadily inch towards Turkey Day, it’s easy to see how much people have.

Some can afford large and lavish feasts. Hefty servings of turkey with sides that can last you for the whole Thanksgiving week.

Others can’t even afford a decent meal on an ordinary day. And on one of the few days where they can splurge, they can’t even allow themselves to spend.

The Surprise Squad wanted to help make the holiday a little easier for some customers.

The squad is part of the FOX 5 news crew in Las Vegas, and their favorite hobby is paying for somebody else’s grocery bill.

One November day, they charged into their local supermarket to find people they could help.

They began their surprise by walking up to a register and greeting the person with a hearty “Can we pay for your groceries for you?”

Shoppers exploded with joy. Days like these don’t come too often and most of these patrons just needed a break.

They also encountered a mother of three.

She was speechless when the Surprise Squad approached her and asked her to put her money away.

She didn’t know what was happening at first but when she received the good news, she can’t even put her gratitude into words.

She shared with the Surprise Squad that as a mom, money can be a bit tight, especially during the holidays.

She was immensely grateful for the treat because this year, their spread was a little bit more special.

Finally, the squad approached a man in a maroon shirt – who turned out to be a veteran.

They offered to pay for his grocery bill but the man insisted otherwise. He told them that somebody else might need it more, despite what the reporter Cassandra noticed.

The man only had water in his cart. On a day close to Thanksgiving, the team expected carts filled with turkeys, vegetables, alcohol, and other treats.

This man didn’t have any of those.

But they didn’t give up.

They asked the man again if they could buy him his Turkey Day spread. The man, known as Victor Moss, finally agreed and Cassandra said, “Let’s go get you everything that you need.”

They got his cart and pushed it through the aisles once more. As they looked for other things he needed, he shared his story.

They learned that Victor is a veteran.

He’s one of those veterans who found themselves struggling after fighting for their country.

He told the squad that he’s retired and disabled. For that year’s Thanksgiving, it was just going to be him and his fiancé.

The squad knew that they found the perfect person to help.

As Victor was selecting his turkey, he couldn’t help but cry. He told the crew that he’d seen things like this on TV, but he never believed that he’d be on the receiving end of it.

And now that he was, he and his fiancé could enjoy a Thanksgiving meal they both deserved.

With a warm hug and tears in his eyes, this veteran got the break he needed.

And hopefully, they’ll enjoy only the best Thanksgiving dinners after that.

Press play on the video below to see this heartwarming act of kindness for yourself. Just grab a tissue first!

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