Dad wakes up after surgery to discover a stranger cat cuddling him in the house.

Some pet parents assert that their animals can sense when they are ill and will even make an effort to comfort them.

Not many people, though, claim that when they’re ill, hapless animals rush to their assistance.

But while this man was recovering from surgery, an unidentified cat decided that he needed some love and comfort.

After his father awoke from a nap, Andrew Falloon tweeted about the hilarious surprise he had prepared for him.

Falloon’s father had just recovered from surgery and required a lot of rest. One day, while the father dozed off on the couch, Falloon’s mother left the house to run errands.

When she came back, her dad was still dozing off on the couch, but a cat was now curled up on top of him, its paw resting peacefully in his hand.

Since they didn’t have a cat, this caught both her and the dad off guard when he awoke.

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