Couple who have been happily married for 64 years after meeting when they were just infants

Every couple has a unique love story, but some are very special!

In Western Idaho, Joel and Carolyn LaPray grew up next door neighbors.

It just made natural that the two young children would hang around and play together since their parents were neighbors and friends.

The two toddlers did occasionally have play dates together, and on one of those occasions, their parents thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of them.

Even now, 82 years later, Joel and Carolyn may still use this picture to illustrate their love story to friends and family.

You know, the childhood pals matured and finally got hitched. But things weren’t quite smooth.
Their parents departed Western Idaho during the war, and the two buddies didn’t reconnect until both families had moved to Logan, Utah, following the war.

Joel claimed that he and Carolyn “didn’t do too much together” because they were opposite genders.

Till they were sophomores, they were still acquainted and sometimes spoke. Joel then asked Carolyn to go to the Military Ball with him.

That evening, the young guy came to the conclusion that she may be the woman of his dreams.

What do you know? Actually, I like that gal. Someday, I’ll wed her,” Joel promises.

Carolyn, on the other hand, was not anticipating their first date. As she previously stated, he only uttered three words whole night, so she wasn’t sure he was the guy of her dreams.

Then, as Joel puts it, they started to become “solid” at the conclusion of their senior year.

When he was 19 and she was 18, the young couple exchanged vows, and they have been together ever since.

Twenty-five grandkids and more than thirty great-grandchildren are shared by the LaPrays’ six offspring. They don’t even count anymore, Joel remarked.

The key to a successful, lengthy marriage? Joel says, “Make a deal.”

He quips, “We both have different viewpoints, but we compromise and do it her way. That makes mom pleased, Carolyn continues.

Everyone is pleased with the fact that maintaining mama’s happiness for the past 64 years appears to have been successful.
Some people concur that concessions are necessary in partnerships. Finding the sweet spot and paving a common path with your significant other requires combining various viewpoints and beliefs.

Contrarily, there are many who view compromise as “the enemy of agreement” and assert that it conflicts with human nature, making it clear that no single secret applies to all relationships and that each one is unique.

During their interview with East Idaho News, Carolyn also revealed a wedding-related detail that both of them still vividly recall.
See, their families had placed a photo of them when they were little in front of their wedding cake during the celebration.

A placard that stated Joel and Carolyn- their first date was placed nearby.

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