Couple turns WW2 traincar into a magical tiny home from another time

Who would have thought an old train car could be called ‘home’? A World War II train carriage was converted into an amazing tiny house in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Performers Annabel and Dan found this gem in Nebraska.

After acquiring the train from a salvage-wrecking company, they decided to create something beautiful out of it. Inspired by the nature of their career, the couple created a space that speaks out their character.

The whole property exudes their artistic and creative character. Just look at their amazing fence!

Even their garden has something to showcase.

Can you figure out the hidden garden troll on their property?

They made a unique modification to their roof.

Hesitant to make a decision that he might regret, Dan was pushed by a neighbor to cut around the train’s roof.

He made the necessary changes to admit light and be able to have privacy whenever they want to.

The character and history of the carriage were maintained.

The couple tried to maintain the finish and original exterior of the train car.

Walking inside their tiny home, you will be greeted with a charming interior.

Dan and Annabel wanted their home to show their personality’s romantic and theatrical parts.

They choose the materials that will keep the historical vibe within the interior of their home.

Materials like aged wood and old tin ceiling were used to make it look like its original style.

The raised roof makes the house look more spacious.

There are hanging plants and lamps which blend with the outside forest view.

The performing artists wanted to have their greenhouse, so they decided to put up some plants.

They even hung up some pumice stones, which symbolize Annabel’s hometown in New Zealand.

Another eye-catching feature of their house is the glass bottle light panel.

Dan wanted to recreate a similar concept of glass bottles found in some Earthship homes.

The two artists utilized those antique minibar bottles from airlines in the 50s and 60s.

They made a bottle wall and added an LED panel behind, making it useful as a light source.

At the backmost part of the railway train car, they have a fully functioning bathtub and bathroom.

The tile work done on it is captivating. Mermaid scales-like tiles were used all over the walls.

They also installed a mirrored ceiling which completes the whole look.

An antique fireplace was placed inside, and its covered opening serves as a medicine cabinet.

They also put a bathroom fan inside the vent to recirculate the air.

The couple finally concluded their home project.

They were able to create a wonderful space that shows their unique artistic character, and they felt accomplished.

Dan told Living Big in a Tiny House,

“Those little accomplishments along the way, little discoveries, and having it to this point and having to be able to use it and having a place for people to stay when they visit us, it feels amazing.”

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