Couple donate their extra frozen embryos and end up gaining 18-year old triplets 20 years later

In Nashville, Brooke, and Chris Martin were so excited to be parents, but it was hard for them.

They had to deal with infertility issues and soon; they opted for IVF or Invitro Fertilization.

Chris and Brooke felt blessed that they didn’t have any problems with IVF. It went smoothly and according to them, their faith in God led them to have 10 healthy embryos.

In 2000, Brooke had two implanted inside her and after nine months, they welcomed their twin boys, Christopher and Matthew.

Then, the clinic asked them what they wanted to do with the remaining 8 healthy embryos.

They gave the couple options, but they donated the 8 embryos to Nashville Fertility Clinic,

For them, it was the right thing to do as they wanted to help other couples who are struggling with infertility to have the chance to be parents, much like what happened to them.

Their only hope, the embryos would live to be kids and would grow up in loving families.

After 18 years, Brook and Chris had the shock of their lives after they received one call.

“You never really think it’s gonna happen,” Brooke said in her interview with Fox 26.

On the other end of the phone call was her other biological son, Thomas Monroe.

“We had to take a deep breath and say this could be it. This could be the thing we’ve been thinking about all these years,” Brooke added.

Thomas took a DNA test after his father had one himself, which led him to find his birth parents.

Thomas, who expected nothing from the test, just wanted to see where it would lead.

Then he got a match that led him to Brooke and Chris.

That was just the beginning because Thomas told his biological parents he has siblings, and that he was a triplet.

Soon, Brooke and Chris learned they had three other kids, Thomas, Peter, and Lauren.

“They look just like me, act just like me, sound just like me, so it was pretty cool,” Christopher said when he saw his triplet siblings.

What’s cool is that Lauren and Christopher looked so much alike, and they even share the same talent and love for music.

Christopher felt so happy to not only gain another sibling but to have someone he could talk to about music.

“It was cool to have conversations about music in a way that I hadn’t been able to up until that point. I listen to myself in my life and we’re both in agreement that it’s basically just a female version of my voice,” Christopher excitingly explained in an interview with ABC 9.

During the pandemic, the two families had the chance to meet each other, and it was so beautiful.

Trey Monroe recalled the time when he and his wife asked about the biological parent’s profile and the staff smirked and said, “they are pretty much like you.”

After so many years, Trey finally understood.

The triplets felt so much joy to finally meet the people who gave them the gift of life. They appreciate the chance of having another set of parents, especially after what happened.

Becky, Trey’s wife, and the triplet’s mom died of cancer a few years back.

Soon, the two families became closer together. There was no resentment because both families were open and knew the entire story since they were young.

Now that they know each other, it’s all about spending time together and just enjoying life.

For Brooke and Chris, there is still a chance that they still have other kids out there. Who knows? Their family might grow again.

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