Costco worker searches for boy after finding Christmas list with unique requests

All of us have our lists during this season.

And as we grow older, we notice that our lists may have dropped and gained specific items. Spots for toys are now replaced by gadgets, and sometimes, gadgets are replaced with gift cards just because we don’t have time to shop anymore.

Kids are easier to please, however. Just tune into the most popular trend and you’ll have a Christmas list. However, while most of them will put down toys, one kid listed something much more peculiar.

An employee from Costco was cleaning the aisles when he noticed something on the floor.

He picked up a piece of crumpled paper, not really expecting anything special inside. Then, he noted the juvenile penmanship on the paper and it prompted him to read on.

It was a list – a Christmas list, to be more exact. It listed down his favorite things but it included two things that even us adults would struggle to provide.

He wrote down shirts, Minecraft figures, Hot Wheels (but only two), a horror video game called “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, a wallet, and a Gamestop gift card.

The other two things, however, were much more special.

Material items are relatively easy to procure just as long as you have the funds to get them. But the boy’s fourth item said “Bringing peace and joy to the world” and the seventh item was “Just love.” These are gifts so real you can only stand in awe.

Employee Eric Barragan was just as surprised as he was impressed.

“Most kids don’t ask for those things, and I thought that was pretty special,” Barragan told CBS 2.

And when he read the note, he knew he needed to complete the list.

Barragan bought everything on the piece of paper.

He got the kid new pairs of shirts. He got him Hot Wheels, but not just 2, but an entire set. He even got him a $15 gift card. Barragan bought the rest of items on the list hoping that he could make the boy be excited for the holidays.

But there was one problem, however. He didn’t know who the author of the note was or where he lived. It would take a lot of time to scour the store cameras so he needed to be creative.

He took to social media to find the boy.

Good thing the note had a name scribbled on the list. This was the clue that was recognized by someone who knew the family.

They put Barragan in touch with a boy named Julian Huey. The unsuspecting Julian lost his list, inadvertently getting everything because of what happened.

With the help of strangers, Barragan was able to deliver all the toys on the list.

Julian’s family was very grateful for the kind gesture. Michele Huey, his mom, explained that for a large family like theirs, times had been tough since they rely on military pension.

In addition to the gifts for Julian, he also brought money and presents for the boy’s siblings.

“I think I spent the first half of the last 24 hours just in shock.” The mother said to CBS 2.

But for Julian, his list is not yet complete.

“It’s still not everything that I wanted,” said Julian to the news outlet. “All I want, mostly, my biggest thing is a big heart to love everyone and bring joy to the world.”

Maybe when he grows up, he can be the one to give that to the world, as he was on the receiving end of it, once upon a time.

Watch the video below to see more on this very heartwarming story!

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