Cops follow the sound of dog barking in cornfield and discover missing child

Getting lost can be a scary event, especially if you’re alone and have no clue how to get yourself out of the predicament.

For that reason, you’d never want your child to experience the feeling of being lost. It can be a truly devastating, traumatic experience especially earlier on in development.

A case like this was observed in Missouri when a 3-year-old suddenly went missing in a cornfield overnight. The entire ordeal was reported in detail and contains interviews and testimony with the little girl’s mom.

This is their story.

Timberlyn Merritt is a stay at home mom who is constantly busy taking care of her three-year-old, Remy, and her little 1-year-old Yorkie pup, Heath. One afternoon, Merritt said she had left Remy on the swings and when she came out to check on her baby girl, it was already too late.

Remy and Heath were suddenly gone from Merritt’s sight.

The mom went out to the cornfield screaming and yelling Remy’s name over and over again. Overwhelmed with fear and despair, Merritt immediately dialed emergency 911 in order to report the lost child and her pup.

Merritt mustered up her motherly courage and embarked on the cornfield in search for her daughter. More than 100 people joined the search for Remy and the doggo Heath. The groups divided accordingly and began searching along massive acres of 8ft high corn stalks.

One of the mom’s biggest worries was the danger of having wild animals about.

“Theres all kinds of wild animals. We hear coyotes all the time down here,” said Merritt. “I thought she was going to be scared, because it was dark and she was all alone. I didn’t know if she knew we were coming for her. I didn’t know what she was thinking.”

The mom very bravely went on the search even after dusk. She recorded part of her nightly trip in the pitch-black cornfield in order to try her best to find her daughter. Finally, at around 8am and 12 hours of searching later, a weak bark was heard from afar by several rescuers.

As the whimpering persisted, the volunteers were led by Heath to Remy who was on the ground lying next to her furry friend. At last the two had finally been found!

She was located roughly about a half-mile away from the home by some nearby green silos. Although many people contributed, Heath turned out to be the hero of the evening. He bravely stayed by the little girl the entire time and never left her side. As every loyal companion does, Heath made sure Remy was kept safe and away from harm’s way.

Merritt was overwhelmed with joy and happiness as soon as she was able to see her daughter’s face. She busted in tears and held her daughter closely in her embrace. Both Remy and Heath suffered from minor dehydration and mosquito bites, but nothing major was threatened.

It’s bizarre to think one could ever get lost in the vicinity of their own home, but as we’ve seen with this case, it is totally possible. Thank goodness that the little girl made it home safe, not to mention – that she had her faithful pup by her side the entire time.

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