Cop stops elderly man for speeding and ends up helping him setup a new TV for his sick wife

To serve and to protect.

Those were the sworn duties of our policemen, but some of them wouldn’t mind going above and beyond their responsibilities as law enforcers.

Just take Officer Kevin Coates of Sterling Heights, Michigan as an example when he decided to do more than what was expected of him during a traffic stop.

Around 7:30 P.M. on September 30, 2021, Officer Coates pulled over an elderly man in a Buick because of speeding. The driver who was only identified by his first name, David, 79, was clearly out of focus on the road.

It was evident to him that the elderly man was going through something. When the police officer asked him what was going on, the driver’s heartbreaking response was, “Everything is going wrong.”

A father’s story.

As it turns out, David is a long-time Sterling Heights resident and he badly needed someone’s help. He told Officer Coates that his wife is ill and that they have an adult son with special needs.

On that very day, he thought about doing something that could cheer up his family, so he bought them a new television. One problem though, he wasn’t knowledgeable enough about it and couldn’t find the right cables to make it work.

He was driving that night because he was jumping from one store to another to figure out how to hook it up.

“I really try to drive right,” David told Officer Coates while crying. “I bought a new television today because I wanted to make my wife happy, you know, and I can’t get it hooked up.”

Doing the right thing.

Officer Coates asked David what seemed to be the problem with the new TV, but the elderly man had no idea what exactly was the issue. Although he mentioned that their old television was a tube one, but he didn’t know what to do with it.

The kind police officer then told the troubled man that his partner was knowledgeable about electronics. He promised that they’d stop by later that day to help him make it work. The two exchanged phone numbers and Coates went ahead to respond to a police call.

Fulfilling his promise, later that day, Officer Coates brought with him Officer Remi Verougstraete and his new recruit, Officer Jeremy Jakushevich. The three policemen joined forces and mounted the TV and taught David how to navigate to different channels.

Kindness everywhere.

The Sterling Heights Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski couldn’t be more proud of his officers for going above and beyond their duty. Their kindness and being generous with their time and effort in helping David was something they wanted to exercise in their department.

“I’m very proud of Officer Coates, Officer Verougstraete, and new recruit Officer Jakushevich for going above and beyond to help our residents,” he said. “This is just another example of the amazing service that the Sterling Heights Police Department provides our community.”

As for David, he couldn’t be more thankful to the police officers for extending their help to solve his problem.

“They all came in. They moved my TV. They set it up and in a short time they were gone. You know? I said, ‘Wow, what service.’ I didn’t expect this from the Sterling Heights Police Officers,” he said.

We need more police officers like Coates, Verougstraete, and Jakushevich in this world.

Watch the video below to see what pure kindness looks like in action.

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