Coffee shop owner who’s sick of rude customers comes up with the perfect soluton

There are times when being rude just doesn’t pay.

Being polite and respectful is easy. It’s something that most people are taught since birth.

However, it appears that customers at this particular coffee shop didn’t get the memo.


Roanoke coffee shop CUPS owner Austin Simms got sick of rude customers, so he decided to charge them for it.


The sandwich board that stands in front of the coffee shop says it all.

“One Small Coffee”” $5.00

“One Small Coffee please” $3.00

“Hello, I’d like one small coffee please” $1.75


If one wants to be rude, then one can pay the price for it.

A little courtesy can really pay off for those who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee at a reasonable price.


Mr. Simms believed it was time for other people to realize that those who are behind the counter are people too.

Along with their cup of coffee patrons of this CUPS store can be sure that they will get a smile to go with it at no charge.


For the most part, people seem to support Simms’ idea.

“Just because you’re a customer does NOT give you the right to disrespect employees!!!” wrote one viewer.

Another noted: “Customers sometimes forget we can literally just refuse them service. We don’t need them to be kicking and screaming, they can just be disrespectful and that’s enough for us to be able to tell them to get the frick out.”

Here are a few other signs that have garnered attention.

While the coffee shop message was a clever one, there are plenty of other signs that make an impact and tend to get the point across.


It seems that the old traditional trespassing sign just doesn’t work anymore.

Really trespassing is another form of rudeness.

This one just might make one think twice before going on the property where they are not welcome. If nothing else, the humor in it will not allow people to use the excuse they didn’t see it.


Lots of people like to go around posting different signs.

It is not unusual to see fences plastered with yardsale signs or missing pet signs.

Not on this fence although it seems to have a double standard.


Some signs are as rude as the rudeness they are addressing.

Nobody likes to have to clean up after someone else’s pet, but perhaps this sign is blunter than it needs to be


It isn’t just among strangers where rudeness can be prevalent.

This sign about wine sends a cute message that sympathizes with dealing with relatives that can be difficult.

The Cups Coffee owner made a good point with his signage.

The sign really brings to mind that it costs nothing to be courteous and polite to others.

There are times when words can be more powerful than actions.

This would be a good thing to remember the next time when one is thinking about being a little rude to their coffee server, or anyone else for that matter.

Learn more about Austin’s unique solution in the video below!

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