Clever dog and trainer get the whole stadium smiling with ‘incredible’ dance routine

It’s always amazing to see dog dance routines at the Crufts competition. These pups are so well trained, and they’re able to do some amazing tricks. Their owners/dance partners also often get creative with the costuming and dance moves.

And this is one of the most creative routines we’ve seen. It involves a hit song… and a human in a fox suit.

Surely we all remember the sensation that was “What Does the Fox Say?”

Chances are some of the younger members of your family still haven’t stopped singing it. This routine is performed to the entirety of the song!

This sweet pup’s face encapsulates our feelings about that song pretty perfectly. Thanks to the song choice, the routine is fantastic!

The pure number of tricks this dog can perform is wild!

Wilder still, this dog performs many of these tricks independently!

His owner is often behind him, and therefore out of his line of sight, so our very good boy must be either moving to the music or the owner has a clever system to prompt him to perform certain dance moves some other way!

One of our favorites is this trick below, where the pup is trying to wake up his owner, the fox, by bouncing on her.

There’s a lot to keep in mind during dog shows. The American Kennel Club even recommends taking classes on how exactly to train your dog to behave during the show!

“Though showing a dog looks easy, it takes some time to get the routine down. That’s what training classes are for. There, an experienced instructor will teach you and your dog exactly what is expected from you in the ring, from how to “stack,” or pose, your dog to how to show the judge the bite, or teeth. There’s a lot of jargon to learn.”

One of the coolest tricks they pull off is that the pup sprints full force backward and manages to pass right between his owner’s legs perfectly!

I can only imagine how much practice and how many accidents that must have taken to perfect.

While the owner is masterfully, silently demonstrating what does the fox indeed say, the dog runs between her legs and gives her that special look of admiration of which only dogs are capable.

A lot of these tricks look easy, but anyone who has tried to train a dog knows that is never the case! This takes intense coordination and skill between animal and human!

The dance routine even features the dog doing crazy flips and turns while he jumps! He just gets more and more impressive as the dance continues!

After the routine is finished, the crowd goes wild!

The duo has successfully impressed everyone in the room with their charming and utterly bizarre routine! Even this judge is trying to hold back a big smile!

It’s so fun to watch this routine, and it’s clear the dog and his owner are both having a blast. What a great team.

Check out the cute dance in the video below!

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