Cat who hates other cats meets his Mini Me and invites him inside

Garfield never liked to play with animals in his species. He hated kittens and every time he saw them he tried to fight against them and nothing more. But his owner Izzy didn’t allow him.

But one cat acted a great role in his life. Buddy was a neighboring cat who walked very close to Garfield when he was out and the adult cat didn’t mint it. Moreover, he liked it very much. Buddy was a little kitten and everything connected to the senior cat Garfield interested him.

Every time he saw Garfield on the porch he was approaching and Garfield liked this very much. They play with each other and when it was time for Garfield to go inside Buddy left him as if the playtime was over and the children had to go inside.

So Garfield was not a cat hater he just hadn’t yet found that one Buddy who would make his life brighter.

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