Cat melts hearts trying to understand how memory foam works

Videos of cats are always adorable and frequently go viral. But one cat video has now gone mega-viral, gardening over 129 million views. And it’s easy to see why — it truly is the cutest video around.

The premise of the video is simple: it features a cat playing with a memory foam bed.

According to Newsflare, it was laundry day at Mike Bowers’ home, and the bed had been stripped of its sheets.

And we all know that there’s nothing a cat likes more than to roll around on an exposed mattress (and then freshly laundered sheets).

Bowers’ cat Winston decided to hop up on the bed only to discover that the top layer was blue memory foam – something he had clearly never experienced before.

And, frankly, his reaction isn’t all that different from a human’s the first time they play with memory foam!

Let’s face it, it’s cool to see your hand make a dent in the foam only to have it pop right back up into shape.

Sometimes we’re just easily amused. And that was doubly true for Winston.

As the cat pawed his way around the bed, he was mesmerized by the indentations his paws made as they sank into the foam.

And he was even more taken aback by the fact that he could see them disappear. Winston looked at his paw and wondered what the heck was going on.

“He wasn’t quite sure what was going on with his sinking paws,” Bowers said.

Winston jumps back as the memory foam regains its shape as if it might be alive.

And for whatever reason, it’s funny enough to watch over and over again.

While the original video has been viewed over 129 million times since it was uploaded to Bowers’ YouTube channel in January of 2018, it has also gone viral on other YouTube channels as well as on Reddit.

And everyone was pretty disappointed that the video only lasted a mere 15 seconds.

“I could watch this for much longer. A series would be nice. 14 episodes 1 hour long 3 seasons seems about right. Introducing new characters would really set off the plot line,” said a Redditor.

If you are jonesing for more cats on memory foam, you’re in luck. “Cats on memory foam” in a genre unto itself on YouTube!

The only downside to these videos is that few of them last more than 30 seconds since cats get pretty freaked out by the “living” foam and jump down quickly.

Luckily, YouTube channel Kittisaurus has posted 3 minutes’ worth of coaxing cats onto memory foam in case your needs are not met by rewatching short videos.

Apparently, the key is to put it on the floor. And by “key” we mean if your one and only goal is to mildly freak out your cat.

While no one knows exactly why it’s so amusing, it doesn’t really matter. One commenter summed it (and the vast majority of YouTube) perfectly:

“Youtube: ‘Wanna see a cat on memory foam?’
32M people: “Yes, yes I do”

It’s amazing that the 32 million in the comment has now grown by nearly 100 million. It just goes to show how much people love cats!

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