Broken Bones Dog Dumped In A Field Like Trash, Begging For Help With Pain

Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers found a poor dog, who was in a severe pain, in a field. The dog, who had multiple fractures, could not move an inch!

Thankfully, she was rescued just in time. She was directly taken to their clinic, where the x-rays revealed that he had a shattered, tibia, and a broken femur.

The dog, that was named Gino, had undergone 3 surgeries to fix her broken hips and bones. She was doing better after rehabilitation and physical therapy.

She was also adopted by a kind family, who has a backyard where she can run so fast! What a transformation for him! At some time, she was not able to stand, and she is now able to run! How brave! Watch the video below.

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