Brave Dog Gets Shot While Protecting His 16-Year-Old Owner From Armed Intruders

Dog is a man‘s best friend, and a 2-year-old German shepherd Rex just proved this saying right.

When on February 21st armed intruders invaded 16-year-old Javier Mercado‘s house, he was home alone with Rex. It all happened just after noon in Des Moines, USA – Javier heard a noise and looked through a window where he saw a car he didn’t recognize. “I then heard the sliding door break, and it is made out of just glass so it shattered really loud,” said Mercado. “My dog ran downstairs, and it just started barking and barking. I heard one guy scream, ‘the dog bit me, get the dog.’”


As soon as this happened, Javier dialed 911 and went into the closet. “Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody,” writes Javier’s aunt on GoFund. “Soon, the burglars proceeded to the upstairs floor and trashed all the bedrooms. As they entered the room where Javier was hiding in the closet, Rex came out with the little strength he had left in him and threw himself at them as he knew my nephew was in danger.” Sadly, they shot the dog four times and he gave up his battle.


By the time police arrived, intruders were already gone. After spending nearly an hour in the closet, Javier felt it’s finally safe to come out. He then received a call telling him that his dog Rex is still alive. However, he was dangerously injured, with gunshot wounds in his neck and legs that required surgery.


The joy that the dog survived, however, was followed by the worry that they don’t have the money to pay for Rex’s medical bills. It didn’t take long for family, friends, and the community to open a fundraiser for Rex, who is now called The Hero Dog. On Friday, Rex successfully overcame his first surgery. Let’s hope this hero dog will get better as soon as possible!



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