Boy spots poster at Walmart of unknown little boy & insists it’s him so mom tracks ‘poster boy’ down

Have you come across the theory that, somewhere out there, we have a twin? Someone not biologically connected, but we would absolutely look exactly the same.

Many people believe that this is true, but science is still not convinced as there is no logical explanation that this could happen.

Maybe, it’s just a mere coincidence.

In Missouri, last 2021, a young boy went to Walmart with his mom, and as the boy strolled around, something caught his attention.

It wasn’t the chips, chocolates, or toys. It was a poster that caught the young boy’s attention.

Carter, 3, asked mommy to get closer to the poster, and they did.

His eyes lit up when he saw his splitting image on the poster. “It’s me!” Carter exclaimed.

Jacquelyn Williams, Carter’s mom, saw the uncanny resemblance, and she had to film his son’s reaction.

Carter was seen pointing at the boy’s curly red hair. He was telling mommy, who doesn’t seem to believe him, that it was him in that poster.

“You have to let go, Bubba. That’s not you,” said Williams.

Then, we hear another child in the background saying, “It’s him!”

Williams giggled a little and then we saw Carter trying to convince his mother that the boy in the poster was him.

Carter would stare at the poster and point at the hair and again, face his mom and try to convince her that it was him.

It was like saying, “See mom, that’s me!”

Little Carter was so sure that it was a poster of him, and no matter how hard mommy tried to explain, he wouldn’t believe her.

Looking at the two boys, you’d think that they do look the same. From the red curly hair, their age, their facial feature, it’s amazing, really.

Williams posted the adorable clip, and it went viral.

People loved how the two boys looked so much alike, both of them handsome and adorable.

Because the clip went viral, people located the boy on the poster, and guess what?

The 5-year-old boy on the poster is also named Carter! What are the odds?

Five-year-old Carter lives in California and felt happy when his mom told him about the little Carter who looked so much like him.

When asked about the time she found out about the viral video of a boy looking at her son’s poster, she said:

“That’s what blew my mind more than anything. And I was like, I wasn’t really sure if I should reach out at first, then I was like, ‘they have to know.’”

Inside Edition interviewed and made way for the two boys to meet online via video call.

Another coincidence shocked everyone!

Both Carters recently had a haircut and they look so handsome. They talked and laughed and got to know each other.

Seeing the two boys, you’d think you’re looking at twins or siblings.

According to the interview, they quickly became friends and said would definitely keep in touch.

Watch the full video feature below and watch this beautiful story of coincidence, friendship, and cuteness.

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