Boxer who’s missing sister that passed melts hearts cuddling with new puppy sibling

I have never met a dog who doesn’t have a heart as big as its furry body. They are known for their loyalty and affection, but they can also feel sadness and despair too.

As with humans, dogs can experience the loss of a loved one. When a dog loses another animal in her pack or family, it will be affected emotionally.

Dogs may go through similar symptoms as grieving humans do.

You may notice that a pet seems depressed or withdrawn after the death of another animal. It may stop playing with you or other animals in the household.

It may also become more quiet than usual.

If you have multiple pets at home that are very close to each other, it’s highly likely that both will grieve for a while after losing their friend.

Dogs may refuse to eat for days on end and lose weight rapidly.

Intense grieving can become a health hazard.

This is the case for this particular boxer dog named Steve. Steve was having a hard time grieving the loss of his sister Wendy.

After all, Wendy has always been there for Steve.

Steve and Wendy were the best of friends. They played, ate, and slept together every day. When Wendy passed on, her brother was intensely sad and confused.

He wouldn’t eat as much and would just lie down all day.

Their fur parents were definitely worried. After the loss of one of their precious babies, they couldn’t grasp the idea of losing another one from depression.

To see if they could help Steve with his grief, and with much consideration, his owners decided to get him another puppy—a new friend who would be Steve’s new best friend!

They adopted MJ, a boxer pup.

Steve immediately took to MJ and became inseparable from the pup in no time. It was a match made in heaven!

This new bond offered Steve solace during this difficult time. A little piece of his life that reminds him of what it used to be like with Wendy all day long!

Steve started gaining his old self back.

Although Steve may never forget the love and friendship he shared with his sister Wendy, MJ is now here to give Steve’s life a bit more sunshine.

MJ showed Steve how to live life again and it’s just the most precious thing. Animals are amazing.

Through the videos posted by Steve’s owners on TikTok, people were quick to fall in love with the boxers.

“How precious,” one commenter wrote. “It seems the new pup knows the other dog is grieving.”

“This was our Wendy’s spot with Steve, we were so empty without her. MJ knew exactly the place she had to help fill. We miss our angel Wendy,” their parents captioned.

It’s definitely sad that Wendy had to go but at least Steve has found a new best friend to help him through this grief.

Check out the video below to witness Wendy fill up the void in Steve’s heart.

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