Bonded pair finally finds their forever home after 346 days in the shelter

In a world where dogs have become fashion statements, it’s getting more challenging to convince people to adopt rather than buy their furbabies.

And whatever’s even more challenging is convincing adopters to adopt two dogs so they can always be together.

That was the challenge Bangor Humane Society took when they decided Finn and Fiona cannot be separated. They need to be adopted together.

Finn and Fiona are two pit bull terriers who have been together for the past nine years since they were puppies. They’d been at Bangor Humane Society for more than 300 days and were fast approaching their one-year anniversary at the shelter.

Because they’re both senior dogs, the shelter decided that they needed to stay together in their forever home.

And they have a few more requirements, too.

“They are a bonded pair, both 9 years old, patiently waiting for their fur-ever home. They must go together and aren’t really looking to make new dog friends in their senior years, so a home with no other dogs is a must,” Bangor Humane Society wrote on their Facebook post. “They’ll do fine around dog-savvy cats and around children 16 and up. They also need to be fed separately because Fiona will help herself to Finn’s portion if given the opportunity.”

It was a tall order, but they needed to do what was necessary to give Finn and Fiona the last days of their best life. And it’s together.

There was a lot of interest to adopt them separately and the shelter didn’t want that. They knew they’ll find that person who wants to adopt and keep them together.

Finn and Fiona knew that, and that’s why they waited very patiently for their new parents to come.

In the meantime, they enjoyed their time at the shelter. They played with each other. They spent time running on the grass on sunshiney and even cloudy days. And they always did these things together.

Bangor Humane Society keep seeing this and knew they made the right decision keeping them together.

They’re senior dogs and it’ll be hard to let them live in a home where they need to make a lot of adjustments. It’s best to have the humans adjust to them.

And guess what? All of their patience has paid off!

With just a few days left before their one-year anniversary of living at the shelter, at 346 days, a couple has adopted Finn and Fiona together! Yahoo!

Even the TikTok world is rejoicing!

“Thank you so much for taking them together. I’m crying knowing that they are going to be in a forever family together,” grumpy bear said.

“So great of you taking them together. You’re awesome,” Jean added.

The Bangor Humane Society is grateful and relieved they are now moving to their forever home.

“It has been a fantastic month for our long term doggos, thank you to everybody who had a part in this,” Bangor Humane Society wrote on their TikTok post.

Watch the video below to see Finn and Fiona being escorted to their new family.

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