Blind cat melts hearts ‘hugging phone’ when favorite pianist plays

Music is a joyful part of our lives.

It can make you feel better when you’re having a bad day. It can lift your spirits and make you dance.

Really, is there anything better than your favorite song? Music is an amazing thing.

The sweet melodies, meaningful lyrics, and the emotions stirred within are all things that make us fall in love with a tune. Music can help soothe and calm us, it can help us get through the times we thought we would never survive.

There are many adorable stories about animals and music. But when it comes to heartwarming stories about cats and music, this one definitely takes the cake.

Pianist Sarper Duman made international headlines after sharing a few heartwarming videos on his Instagram.


The pianist had rescued nine stray cats from the street, and the videos showed him soothing and calming them with his gorgeous piano melodies.

In Duman’s videos, the kitties always look content and relaxed, soothed by the man’s beautiful tones.

Recently, however, Duman discovered his cats aren’t the only ones soothed by his music. His songs have been bringing comfort to a blind cat from nearly halfway around the world!

The video was sent to Duman by a fan and shows a blind ginger cat cuddling a cellphone as he listens to Duman’s piano playing.

At the beginning of the video, the cell phone is leaning against a pillow with one of the pianist’s videos clearly on display.

As the music begins emanating from the speakers, however, the orange cat slowly reaches over and pulls the phone towards his face.

He then nestles into the plastic, cuddling the music and deriving comfort from the sweet man’s sounds.

The short video is incredibly moving. Duman shared it on his Instagram account where it received over 324,000 views.

Alongside the video, the pianist wrote: “This has been the most touching message I’ve ever received. This beautiful blind cat’s name is Namik. They say he acts that way whenever he is shown my videos.”

To be honest, it’s impossible to explain the emotion of this video to someone who has never seen it.

The way Namik clutches the phone and cuddles the singer through the screen is one of the most moving things I’ve seen in a very long time.

People in the YouTube comments agreed, with one person writing:

“That just made my day. Wish I could give that little tabby a hug.”


It’s so sweet to see how this cat responds to the video of the musician. Music truly is an amazing thing. If you’d like to see more of Sarper Duman’s videos, head to his Instagram page.

Check out the video of the cat below!

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