Blind and autistic boy has unforgettable experience with store Santa

How do we capture the spirit of Christmas?

When we think of this question, we think deeper, far beyond the gifts and merry-making.

The spirit of Christmas is in sharing, giving, and spreading happiness to others.

To spread the merry and cheer in any way we can so everyone can experience it during the season.

A mother’s post went viral because it was the perfect Christmas she could wish for her son.

Most children get giddy at the thought of Christmas.

From their innocent minds wishing Santa would go down the chimney to the smiles on their faces when they see their presents under the tree.

There is also this Christmas tradition where children sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their wish list.

However, for Misty Wolf, her son might not always get to have that moment.

Matthew was born blind and with autism.

He never had an idea what Santa looked like, so he never got that excited whenever they encountered one at the mall.

However, when Misty started reading to him “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Matthew grew fond of the man in the red suit.

So, when they went to Cabela’s in Fort Worth, Misty had one wish: for Matthew to “see” Santa.

It was a busy time, like usual. Kids lining up and excitedly waiting for their turn to tell Santa their wishes and have a photo taken. B

ut just before all that happened, Misty walked up to Santa and whispered to him about her son’s condition.

Misty wasn’t even done talking when Santa agreed and said he knew exactly what to do.


He bent down in front of Matthew and grabbed hold of his hand.

He told him to feel his coat and hat and even allowed him to pull his beard.

It was a magical moment for Misty, Matthew, and Santa.


Matthew requested that he wanted to feel his “eyes that twinkle.”

Santa let him be. He let his fingers run through his eyes and saw how they twinkled like those in the stories.

But Santa’s efforts to make Matthew feel Christmas didn’t end there.


He picked him up and carried him in his arms. Santa led him to the reindeer statue near his chair and told Matthew to feel it.

The young boy did so with so much joy.

Of course, they didn’t leave without the traditional sitting-on-Santa’s-lap and photo op.

Misty took snapshots of this moment, teary-eyed.

“It was definitely a moment when I was all teared up. You know, Santa is the magic of Christmas,” Misty told CBS News.

Santa also told the news agency how that moment was special to him.

“You relate to the child and what the child needs. [Matthew] has never seen the world the way we have seen the world,” he said.

Misty’s Facebook post went viral because it touched people’s hearts.

It has been shared over 106,000 times, with 246,000+ reactions and more than 20,000 comments. People praised Santa for giving joy to all the children and knowing what Christmas was all about.

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