At the age of 5, she won the title of beauty queen. How chubby model Honey Bubu seems now

Do you remember this beautiful girl? Alana Thompson rose to fame when she was five years old. After the fifth season of The Crowned Babies in 2012, Little Alana gained celebrity while still being a small child.

By the time she was thirteen, the child had experienced a significant transformation.

Finding the lovely girl who charmed the audience with her spontaneity and attractiveness in this pampushka is now difficult.

Mom Hani Bubu gave it everything she had to become a celebrity. The results of early achievement are something to be solely admiredAre you Hani? “Really? ” How has she altered? They gave the youngster food. “You’re not familiar with the girl,” She grew quite obese, she doesn’t look like herself.

Internet users question whether this is the same person. What do you think?

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