Alicia is on the fire between two jocks wearing a bikini. Amazing!

Dreams are made of Alicia Silverstone’s morning ritual. She shared with her Instagram followers that she spends her mornings in Greece wearing a bikini and hanging out with her best buddies.

While relaxing on a boat, the 45-year-old actress also got busy showing off her super-toned legs and washboard abs in a bikini. She is undoubtedly enjoying her life.

This is how Greeks begin their mornings, said Alicia in the description of the picture.

Fans were also quick to share their sincere gratitude: One person said that she was “an ageless beauty (inside and out) with legs that simply won’t stop,” while another person stated she was “a phenomenal toe point queen.” And I must admit, I concur with this.

This wasn’t the only image Alicia posted during her opulent trip. She also shared Instagram postings of breathtaking holiday photos and picturesque Greek scenery with her fans. And here’s additional proof of how well shaped her legs are.

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