After being evicted, a neighbor buys the old widow’s home so she may return to it.

Some would argue that local ties are no longer important. Is it accurate to say that the art of being a good neighbor has vanished even while it may be true that individuals don’t engage with their neighbors as often as they once did? Regardless matter how you feel about it, THIS tale is a shining example of what it means to be a good neighbor, and it is one that we can all agree was completely unselfish.

Angie Tyma, who is 89 years old, was going through a difficult time.

Tyma had been living in her house in Hudson, Florida for a while when she received some unfavorable information. Several years prior, Tyma sold the house to a new owner while continuing to reside there. She had no idea that the previous owner of the house had left for Europe and completely ceased making mortgage payments!

The elderly woman soon discovered that she would have to leave her home and was legally being evicted.

Tyma had no idea what to do now that the home had been put into foreclosure. Since her spouse had passed away some 20 years before, she didn’t anticipate being abandoned on the streets. Nevertheless, the tenacious woman was convinced that she would find a solution.

She said to TODAY, “I went through hell and back.” “I’ve spent 35 years living in this place.”

Even yet, after battling and making an effort to make things work, the inevitable happened.

Amazingly, the authorities arrived and ejected the elderly woman from her 35-year-old house. The near-ninety-year-old woman’s outlook appeared to be rather dismal. What was she going to do if she didn’t have a job or a place to live?

She said, “They kicked me out.” I found it hard to believe.

Then a wonderful event took place.

Since Tyma was friendly with many of her neighbors, many of them were aware of what was happening. They realized something was wrong when they noticed everything being taken from the house. One of Tyma’s neighbors, Danielle Calder, found out what was going on by enquiring about her neighbors.

Calder got in touch with the business, inquired about the situation, and then did something rather amazing: she purchased the house.

The 65-year-old Calder told TODAY, “Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house.” Yet I required her. I couldn’t see her relocating to a hotel room… She has been so long here. Everyone is watching out for her.

Even the most charitable person would be shocked by Calder’s decision to purchase the property herself and rent Tyma out as her tenant. Calder was about to become a landlord now! Why put an old woman through such great hardship to keep her in a home she couldn’t afford? The easy solution was that she is what ties the community together.

Everyone is familiar with Angie, she said. She regularly walks two little dogs. Despite being ancient, she has a lot of energy and is rather combative.

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