Adventurous Bengal kitty goes for bike rides and sailboats with her dad

Albert and her Bengal cat Mia loved traveling by sailboat. Mia adored their boat trips.

One day, during their boat trips, they met a couple with a sailboat and a cat. Mia and the male cat became so close to each other that the owners called them boyfriend and girlfriend.

But when they were at home Mia liked to be next to her dad all day long. Mia also adored their rides by bicycle. When she was in a basket during these rides she, however, never meowed but enjoyed her ride. Mia also liked when during these short rides Albert took her to his shoulders.

When Albert adopted the cat he knew nothing about them and couldn’t have imagined that the cat would be his companion even during traveling.

Mia adored outdoor life and when they had time the cat preferred to be outdoors than indoors. So Albert, knowing that Bengal cats are very demanding organised various trips to shops. mountains and seas.

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