Adorable rescue goat that grew up with felines is convinced she’s a cat too

Lily’s life didn’t begin with a lot of love. But now she’s got tons of it thanks to her human mom Alexa and some cats.

Lily was rejected by her biological mom at birth.

So, the farm where she was born offered to surrender her to Alexa’s sanctuary, Friendly Fields Farm.

“I was in shock at how tiny she was. She was 5-days-old and only weighed 2 lbs. So, she was like the same size as a Kleenex box. Just itty bitty.”

Alexa immediately fell in love with the teeny goat.

She helped Lily to bulk and in about two weeks, she had free-range of the house.

She was basically like one of Alexa’s house cats.

Lily really wanted to make friends. She was obsessed with fluffy things and anything that moved.

So, she tried to make friends with the family’s rabbit, Lawrence.

Lily would try to headbutt Lawrence and jump on him, but the rabbit wasn’t that interested in playing the way Lily liked to play.

That’s when Lily tried to befriend the house cats.

One of Alexa’s senior cats, Bean took Lily under his wing, or rather paw.

The two would often curl up together on the couch for a snooze.

“Cats and goats have a surprising amount in common. Both species are extremely curious, pedantic about their hygiene, and have big personalities,” website Fur, Wings, & Scaly Things reports.

“Domestic cats do not pose a threat to goats, and goats do not generally harm cats. The species have been known to live together harmoniously.”

Lily would follow Bean around everywhere.

She basically decided that she was going to be a cat now.

And since Bean was her friend, she’d just do whatever he wanted to do.

But, eventually, Lily got too big to be in the house all the time.

So, her family started to move her outside.

She missed the house at first, so Alexa put an armchair and lawn chair outside so that Lily could have something familiar.

Lily loved to jump up on the chair and curl up into a ball like a cat.

Lily doesn’t get to spend as much time with Bean anymore but she’s made friends with the outdoor barn cats.

“She loves the barn cats, and in her mind she’s a cat, so as soon as she saw them she’s like, ‘There’s more of me in the world. Come play with me,’” said Alexa.

Alexa is completely adored by the barn cats, who like to snuggle with her, as well as her family.

Basically, everyone loves Lily.

“I’m really really grateful that we have her in our lives cause she makes me smile every time I see her,” Alexa said.

More than 1.2 million people watched a video on The Dodo about Lily’s story.

“This little clip is cuteness overload. Little Lily is quite simply adorable. Seeing her trying to make friends with the other furry friends is wonderful to see,” wrote one commenter.

“This little goat had the right idea! It took me until I was well in my 20’s to know that I should aspire to the life of an indoor cat,” said another.

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