Actor Danny Trejo recalls going to jail and meeting one of America’s most notorious criminals

Renowned actor Danny Trejo, 77 years old, has released a memoir entitled “Trejo.”


In the book, the legendary star shares various moments in his life that have shaped him into who he is today.

His early life as well as his struggles and challenges were all shared in the memoir, giving his fans a clearer view of who Danny really is.

At a very young age, Danny was already exposed to and involved in drugs and crime.

Born in 1944 in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Danny started his life mixed with violence and drug use.

He spent 11 years of his life in and out of jail.


In his memoir, Danny shared about one encounter wherein he met Charles Manson, the most infamous prisoner of all time.

It all happened in 1961 when both Danny and Charles were detained in the Los Angeles Country Jail.

The “Machete” star shared in his memoir that he saw Manson and even referred to him as a “greasy, dirty, scrawny” guy who was “so poor, he didn’t have a belt, and instead used a piece of string to keep his pants up.”


He admitted that after seeing the guy and his condition, he felt sorry for Charles and was actually looking at him with pity.

A few days after their first meeting, he had another encounter with Charles, and this time, Danny was with his pals in prison.

Danny recalls how Charles seems to hypnotize him and other inmates.


It was as if they were meditating and the exercise left them in a trance.

Charles would even get them high on some occasions.

“It was like a guided meditation,” Dany shares in his book.


He detailed the way Charles guided them into his hypnosis, making them feel as if they were really smoking weed and heroin.

“By the time he described it hitting my bloodstream, I felt the warmth flowing through my body,” Danny recounts.

“If that white boy wasn’t a career criminal, he could have been a professional hypnotist.”


Six years after they met in prison, Charles Manson was released and later on built a group we all know as the Manson Family.

In 1969, the followers went on a “Helter Skelter” killing spree, wherein they brutally murdered seven people. Pregnant actress Sharon Tate was one of them.

During the trial, it was found that Charles did not actually tell the followers to do the murderous act, but his encouragement was seen as enough reason for him to be given a life sentence.

He died in 2017 while still serving his sentence.

Danny’s encounter with the notorious criminal was not the only highlight in his memoir.


The actor is known for moments in his life when he was deeply involved in crime and drugs.

He recounted his experiences and how he overcame all of his demons and how he became the famous actor that he is now.

His life is colorful and inspiring.

He is a reminder that there is hope if you try hard to be better and do better.

Watch the video below for more details about Danny Trejo’s life story.

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