Abandoned pittie finally comes out of his shell when he meets ‘perfect’ dad

When Charlie was found, he was found in an atrocious condition. Believed to have been a bait dog, the beautiful white pit bull was skin and bones and covered in wounds.

A Good Samaritan found the pup running around the streets of Compton.

She was able to get Charlie into her car and bring him to Shira at The Animal Rescue Mission. They knew that he couldn’t go to the shelter and had to go straight to the vet.

Despite poor Charlie being the way that the was, he was still so happy and constantly wagging his tail.

“He just wanted to love,” Shira told The Dodo.

Charlie was in such bad shape that Shira says she wasn’t sure if he was going to make it through the night.

Charlie was given the clearance to go home on his third night at the vet.

He looked visibly better having put on a few pounds and cleared up the gashes he had on his body.

Charlie had a newfound confidence about himself and life. And with good reason. Shira already had a forever home lined up for him. His new dad’s name was Jay.

“That’s my son. That’s my dog. I need to adopt that dog,” Jay said when he first saw Charlie’s picture.

Charlie quickly warmed to Jay after their first meeting once he realized Jay was a safe, nice guy.

He even flopped over on his side so that Jay could give him some belly rubs.


Once Charlie arrived in his new house, he definitely felt like he was home.

He was already jumping up in Jay’s bed on the first or second night.

It was a bit of a chore to get Charlie to sleep in his own bed. Now Charlie and Jay are best friends.

Jay, who says is very fortunate to live by the beach, takes Charlie there at least four or five nights a week.

It makes Charlie very happy.

He loves splashing around and lying in the sand to get warm in the sun.


Jay finds Charlie’s story of survival to be an inspiration.

“It was really interesting to see how much his life had changed. I think of that all the time. Despite all he’s been through, he still has this way about him. It’s something I admire,” said Jay.

Bait dogs are used in dog fighting to train the fighting dogs with.

So, bait dogs are basically a punching bag, according to Friends of the Dog.

This puts bait dogs at risk of being seriously injured, maimed, and killed.

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