Abandoned Dog Carries Empty Bowl From Door To Door Hoping Someone Will Feed Him

The “American Strays Project” is a dedicated program launched by “World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S)” that focuses on raising awareness for homeless pets. While researching for this program, the volunteers came across an incredibly soul-crushing sight in a decrepit Detroit neighborhood.

In this video, we see the volunteers following a homeless dog who is moving from home to home with an empty bowl in his mouth. The dog navigates his way across prickly overgrowth in hopes of finding someone who would feed him. However, there’s no hope for him as the area is just a massive patch of wasteland abandoned by humans.
The volunteers were haunted to see the starving dog anxiously scrambling around with the saddest face. They followed the dog till about 5 houses, before finally filling his bowl with food and giving him enough water to drink. Later, the volunteers also made sure the homeless animals in the deserted neighborhood were all cared for.

Many assume that homeless pets either manage to forage for food or someone always feeds them. But the harsh reality is that they are in a perpetual state of distress due to the uncertainty surrounding their next meal. We hope this eye-opening video motivates people around the world to look out for the homeless dogs in their neighborhood.

Click the video below to watch the disturbing struggle of the homeless dog going from door to door with an empty bowl.

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