Abandoned Bulldog with Severe Mange Forced to Live on the Streets

Dogs are our most precious connection we have in life. Calling them a family member makes us very proud. We are aware that dogs deserve a great life but sadly we often hear stories that things are quite the opposite for many animals. The case of a bulldog puppy who had to eat leaves to stay alive unfortunately confirms it. She lost almost all of her fur because she was riddled with mange that was so severe. The Slaughterhouse Survivors reacted quickly when they heard about the dog. The Bulldog was living on the street. She obviously gave up hope and accepted the fate that she was before her. She assumed to die on the street as well.

The dog got named Pumpkin. The rescuer took Pumpkin to a medical clinic. The dog seemed not even relieved that the rescue had taken place. She made a depressed impression. She obviously was traumatized. Her new caretaker had to take care of her inside and out.

They found that Pumpkin had severe mange that left her with badly infected skin after she was evaluated. Her body temperature was so low that the thermometer couldn’t even register it. She was really close to death. It is confirmed by the veterinarian that Pumpkin would not likely have lived another day on the streets. She received antibiotics, pain medication and IV fluids. To raise her body temperature they helped her with warm saline through the IV.

Pumpkin reacted by spiking a fever. The veterinarian promised her to recover because it was the flu. She actually recovered. Thereafter they started to remove the scaly dead skin from her body. She didn’t look like a puppy right now but more than a baby hippo. She ate more food at that point it showed that she began to feel better. Pumpkin now had surgery for her eyes. Thankfully everything went well.

Thanks to her daily medicated baths the dog’s fur thankfully started to grow back. A rescue group also find her a forever family in Los Angeles. Living in California with her family means for Pumpkin that she is able to go to the beach often. The family wanted to give the dog a fresh start so they renamed her. Her new name is Kennedy. She likes to be close to her mother’s ankles and loves peanut butter.

Kennedy shows great happiness in her forever home. She loves to play ball and she even has a doggie sibling.

Kennedy had a rough time but her life is finally good. It’s all thanks to the rescuers who would not give up hope.

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