A teen gave birth at 14 and graduated from college while clutching her daughter’s hand.

Rachel Campi, then 14, stopped going to school after finding out she was pregnant.

The young mother was not completely destroyed by the hardship, though. She promised herself that she would keep trying. To provide her little daughter the ideal upbringing, she would put in a lot of effort at work and at school.

And after earning her degree from the university and holding hands with her 6-year-old kid, Rachel recently posted touching images on social media.

Rachel eventually enrolled in a university after visiting a number of different institutions, including York College. The main motivation for mom to keep going on this demanding and protracted journey was little Lilly-Rose.

A challenge was made to Rachel at one point.

It was really difficult mentally and ethically, she says of her situation. While I seemed to be moving in the dark, Lilly-Rose lit my way. There were many difficult occasions in my first year of college. I doubted my capacity to complete everything, sobbed as I went down the hall, thought about stopping my studies, and wondered why I was in such a difficult situation.

Nevertheless, the mother and daughter managed. They even worked together on their mother’s final literary project. Lilly-Rose finished her coursework while Rachel prepared for her finals.

Rachel recently received a degree and certificate in counseling psychology. The day of the university’s graduation ceremony had numerous touching moments. Lilly-Rose was present, of course.

The tiny child reportedly watched in astonishment as her mother put on a graduation cap. During the ceremony, Lilly-Rose also corrected the announcer after she mispronounced her mother’s last name while summoning her up to the stage. This is my mum, the girl said.

Rachel Campi has no intention of stopping. She aspires to become a public speaker and is an ardent supporter of MindMate and the National Health Service (NHS).

Rachel gives hope to everyone who is struggling with self-doubt by saying, “Anything is possible if you truly want it.”

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