A starving dog that has been chained to a pole extends his paw to the officer trying to help him.

How nasty some individuals can be to their dogs is simply appalling. We’ve witnessed far too many instances of individuals heedlessly abandoning their pets, tying them up in remote locations with little regard for their well-being.

A neglected dog can benefit greatly from the goodwill of those who stand forward to aid these creatures, which is a blessing in itself.

In a recent incident, an officer intervened to free a mistreated, chained dog who was reaching out to her.

Officer Angela Laurella of the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint about a very emaciated dog that had been abandoned chained to a pole earlier this month.

Although it’s unclear who tied up the dog or how long he was outside, he was discovered in appalling condition: “Emaciated. Every rib and bone sticking out. Because he was so undernourished, his eyes sank into his body. Unquestionably abused,” said Amy Roman of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida to Local 10 News.

As the dog was in need of assistance when Officer Laurella came on the scene, it was distressing to see him put out his paw to her.

He appeared to shrink and extend his paw as if to beg her to assist him in leaving the situation as she approached him cautiously, according to Roman, who spoke to The Dodo.

The dog was leashed up with a very short leash, which limited his range of motion, and had no microchip to identify an owner.

But after Officer Laurella began gently feeding him, the abandoned dog quickly realized he was in better care:

Rescue organization 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida took the dog in. His rescuers gave him the name “Liam.”

They promised to provide the malnourished, four-year-old puppy with the love and attention he deserved but had for so long been deprived of.

They posted on Instagram, saying, “Poor baby is so thin, so thirsty, so fatigued and so lovely. “We can’t believe what he went through… He will be put back together by us.

Although his prior life of neglect had a negative impact on his health, Liam is now on the path to recovery and receiving the assistance he needs. Veterinarians have been treating him for his ailments.

When Liam underwent a brief surgery at the eye doctor, the rescue provided an update. “Both of his eyes are sunken in owing to malnutrition and is causing entropion,” the statement stated. Moreover, he has an ulcer in his left eye.

Regrettably, Liam’s prior owner is still unknown, and there are no leads at this time, while the rescue is hoping someone may come forward with information.

They stated on Instagram, “We hope someone sees the report that knows who did this to him and maybe we can obtain justice for Liam.

Yet, in the meanwhile, Liam is in good hands, getting better every day, and the rescue team reports that he is “doing well.”

He faces a difficult road ahead; go slowly, they stated in an update. Yet he is constantly cheerful, eats and drinks like a champ, and sleeps well.

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