A Sassy Cow Does A Happy Jump; Becomes Everybody’s Sweetheart

Erin Amerman ran the Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Florida. One day she got a call about a calf who refused to be nursed. His name was Bentley. The little calf was just 17 days old and the staff of the sanctuary fell in love with him.

When he was brought to the sanctuary the calf was taken to the vet. There the calf was diagnosed with Dummy Calf Syndrome. The calf in such a condition was born without proper oxygen. It was impossible to nurse the calf and the staff didn’t know what else to do to persuade the little one.

Finally, they found the solution. They introduced Bentley to another cow named Stanley. Stanley also suffered from the same problem. The plan worked and the two started to communicate with each other very well. They understood each other and this helped them two to overcome their difficulties. The calf used to jump happily when he was delighted and this jump attracted the staff very much.

Making friends with the right one will help you overcome many difficulties and meanwhile have fun.

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