A neighbor is invited to move in with a 31-year-old so that she won’t have to spend her final days by herself.

How far would you go to show your neighbor that you care?

We think that compassion begins at home. Then we gradually let it reach our closest neighbors. Outside of our family, we should show kindness to our neighbors first. Respecting their boundaries and lending a helping hand when necessary can suffice.

This American performer redefined the phrase “love your neighbor.”

Chris Salvatore struck up a connection with an elderly woman who was 89 years old. In 2015, he moved into his West Hollywood, Los Angeles, apartment after spotting an older woman who was constantly prepared to receive him.

On the same floor, just across from Chris, Norma Cook resides.

After learning that she was living alone with her cat, he started paying her visits on a daily basis. Chris understood that spending time with her was the least he could do.

The two quickly grew close and enjoyed many amusing times together.

Chris posts a picture of this wonderful, yet unusual, couple on social media. He shared recordings of them eating pizza on Norma’s bed on their pizza night or photos of them sharing holidays together. He acknowledges that she stole the show and received more likes on his postings than he did.

Then, when Norma was given a leukemia diagnosis, things took a nasty turn.

Chris turned to social media for assistance as the costs began to mount. He set up a GoFundMe account to assist with Norma’s medical and hospital expenses.

Overnight, the page generated more than $30,000.

That only demonstrates how Norma was adored, even by those who only knew her through Chris’s articles. When she heard this wonderful news, she was overcome with joy.

But as soon as the money ran out, Chris considered how he might best assist her.

He proposed having Norma stay in his place. She won’t have to worry about paying her mortgage or electricity payments as a result. He may also take care of her and provide the attention she needs.

Some people would think that Chris is such a lucky person to have Norma, but Chris feels the opposite.

“She has much benefited me, even though I am here to assist her. He said to NBC News, “It’s really brought me back to what’s important: family, love, and human goodness.

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