A German Shepherd Dog who spent five years on a chain saw the ocean for the first time. The reaction is great

All the time she was biting the chain and rubbing her teeth. After she came to an animal shelter, she was adopted by a family.

Unfortunately, that family quickly changed their mind and the dog returned to the shelter. For a while, it seemed like Herschel would stay at the shelter for the rest of her life. That’s when Rocky Kanak stepped into action.

Rocky Kanak is the host of the television show “Dog Day,” where he takes the dogs after outings to make them happy. Kanak decided to take Herschel on such a trip.

During this time, the dog tried a lot of treats for the first time in his life, and eventually came to the family, which later gladly took Herschel. However, the most beautiful moment of this trip came when Herschel saw the sea for the first time and was happy about it.

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