A boy with cleft lip adopts a rescue dog that also has the problem.

Nothing is more priceless than a boy’s passion for his first pet dog. Yet, one new friendship has something extremely unique in common with the other, and the two were magically brought together at a crucial time.

With a split opening in the upper lip, Bentley Boyers, a 2-year-old from Jackson, Michigan, was born with a cleft lip. His parents claim that although he has had surgery to correct his lip, it hasn’t been simple.

It was a procedure, as his mother Ashley explained to WILX, since we had to feed him while holding his lip together in order for him to eat.

Then last week, something incredible occurred: Bentley’s father Brandon went to a shelter with the intention of adopting chickens, but instead he saw a two-month-old rescue dog… who also happened to have a cleft palate.

He phoned his wife after being shocked, and they both decided that Bentley needed the dog.

Bentley is obviously overjoyed to get his new dog. Pictures capture him lovingly caressing and kissing the puppy after first meeting her.

The shelter said they don’t see many dogs with cleft lips, so it’s just a fortunate coincidence that they happened to be there at the appropriate moment. It’s an improbable miracle.

They are aware that Bentley will benefit greatly from owning a dog with the same congenital condition. He still needs bone grafting surgery to repair his lip, but at least he’ll have a dog who can sympathize with him.

It means a lot to see him share a trait with a puppy because as he gets older, he will realize that he and the puppy have something in common.

The dog will also have a loving owner who will accept her no matter how she appears.

Her impairment isn’t really a hindrance to her development, and as she gets older, they’ll be able to notice more if there are any changes related to it. But Lydia Sattler, the director of animal services, told WILX that she is truly doing well.

She may appear a little differently than a typical dog, but that has no effect on her speed.

The shelter said on Facebook, “They fell in love right away.” We hope this lovely couple has a long and happy life together!

So adorable! It’s crucial to have an understanding person in your life. We’re very delighted that this ideal couple connected and will be a happy couple for years to come.

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