8-year-old brave girl takes steps to protect her younger brother from a kidnapper.

How would you respond if a stranger approached and kidnapped your child in front of your eyes?
Many individuals would undoubtedly reply that they would flee from the kidnapper while screaming and calling the police.

Though it may be simple to think of the perfect reaction, when the circumstance really arises, you can find yourself frozen in place due to shock.

That or other feelings like rage or adrenaline could make you move quickly.

When a kidnapper took her baby brother, who was almost two years old, an eight-year-old girl felt she had to take immediate action.

Brenden (10), Delicia (8), and Owen (22 months) Wright were having a great time playing at the park next to their babysitter’s house. The three were unaware of their surroundings and were being monitored by a guy who had a sinister scheme up his sleeve.

The man abruptly stole tiny Owen and fled, like a nightmare come true.

The two elder siblings acted immediately as a result of this.
Delicia ran after the abductor and her young brother while yelling. Brenden was dragging the stroller behind her as he ran quickly.

Fortunately, the noise attracted the attention of several teens nearby.
One of them claimed in an interview with Inside Edition,

“It actually changed to spitting blood screaming.”

“Things don’t seem right,” you could say, “there’s a girl racing after him, he’s fleeing through an alleyway with a youngster.”

Fortunately, a 911 call was placed throughout the chase. The chase was also captured on film by a security camera outside a neighboring grocery shop.

The terrifying moment the stranger rushed down the sidewalk carrying the baby was captured on camera.

The kidnapper understood there were already too many eyes on him as a result of Delicia’s screams.

He ultimately fled, leaving the terrified youngster in a deserted lot.

Delicia was instrumental in keeping her newborn brother safe from future harm.

Expert on personal safety Kathleen Baty commends Delicia and Brenden’s conduct.
She exhorts parents to teach their children to follow suit.

“Speaking out loud. Use your own words. Screaming and shouting, “Help!” Stranger hazard! This is not my father, you say! Sometimes, it’s a matter of life and death. Instilling in your children the urge to have a gut response and run away while yelling and screaming as loudly as they can if an adult approaches them while they are out in public

The Wright siblings are undoubtedly good at looking out for one another!

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