61-year-old pole dancer lights up room with wildly entertaining act

Well here’s something you don’t often read about. Pole dancing.

Yup, and the guys are suddenly excited. But sorry, gentlemen, you’ll have to be disappointed as it’s not exactly a woman. It’s a man in his sixties to be exact.

Yup, you read that right. His name is Allan Reinikka and he is from the land down under.

Not that we want to see what’s down under but you get it.

Judges Shane Jacobson, Kate Ritchie, David Walliams & Alesha Dixon were treated to a vibrant display from the 61-year-old who came out in a grey sleeveless top and black cycling shorts.

Breaking the norms, Allan said,

“Doesn’t matter how old you are, get out and have a go, you will surprise yourself and everybody else with what you can do.”

He’s a photographer too, by the way, so the man has a lot of talent.

Allan got the idea to audition from director Tamara MacKenzie and the team at Full Metal Pole Dance and Fitness in East St.

“At first I was a bit ‘yes, no, maybe’ but the girls told me to do it because everybody seems to like what I do,” Allan said.

Reinikka has been pole dancing for more than 10 years. How did he get in to it?

“Originally I used to go and take photos of the girls at the pole studio for promo stuff and they would always say ‘have a go, have a go’. I was like, ‘don’t be silly’ but I succumbed to peer pressure one night and booked in for a class. It just seems to have been part of my life forever now.” he said.

And for a man his age and size, Allan’s not bad!

Okay sure, it’s not common to see a man his age pole dancing but that’s his idea and why he went for it.

And it’s not easy, even for the fittest men on earth!

“This is exactly the kind of thing I want from Australians. Unexpected. Smashing stereotypes. Able to laugh while taking it completely serious. That guy embodies Australia literally and in spirit. Brilliant.” commented a viewer.

Just look at how Allan climbs that pole then balances and poses on his side and upside down!

Another viewer had this to say,

“OMG!!! I know there are jokes or memes going to be coming out with this dude. But this is Phenomenal for his age and size to have that strength to do this. Keep up the work.”

Really, Allan has amazing strength and coordination to be pole dancing at his age.

Even the judges are stunned!

The initial climb up the pole is enough to make us normal guys quit. Add all the grip and balance needed and Allan here has really broken the norm.

He does execute all his moves, finishing his routine to a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

And you know what? There’s a big chance we haven’t seen the last of this Australian pole dancer.

Hit play below to see Allan on pole position!

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