5th-grade boys perform comical ‘granny’ dance routine at talent show

This is hilarious from beginning to end, but the ending is priceless.

School talent shows are commonplace, and the audience always enjoys themselves.

Even though some of these talent showcases are more like performances than actual challenges, they are always entertaining to watch and energizing to take part in.

However, they also serve another purpose besides the pranks. They give teachers a fantastic opportunity to highlight their students while also helping the participants gain confidence. At the same time, it brings the neighborhood together, which is always something for which to be grateful.

It is simple to locate understudies’ performances at such events on YouTube with a quick search, and while the majority of them are intriguing and engaging, there are several that stand out.

The understudies, who were young males dressed as elder women, swayed to the rhythm of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It” After initially being surprised when the “grandmothers” joined the stage, the audience soon started to laugh and support the replacements.

When the drape unfolds, eight elderly women enter the room barely walking and each one using a walker, a stick, or a bolster.

They eventually decide to put their walking aids away and have faith that the melody will start.

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