4,000 beagles that have never touched grass, played with a toy or been held get a second chance

We know so many non-profit organizations that rescue dogs. Every time they come across a case where dogs are abused or abandoned, they come and rescue them. They do their best to give them another chance in life.

But have you seen a rescue mission involving 4,000 dogs?

Last July 04, 2022, a federal judge finally approved a plan allowing rescuers to transfer about 4,000 beagle dogs.

They housed these dogs at a controversial Virginia breeding facility. What the investigators found out was gut-wrenching.

They didn’t waste any time, and they went to the said shelter to rescue all the dogs. The experience made everyone heartbroken.

It was just last May when Envigo RMS, a private research organization that owns and operates the Cumberland-based breeding facility, caught the attention of the federal government.

The said company breeds and sells beagles for scientific purposes.

Once sold, these poor dogs will wait their turn to be a part of scientific experiments. They were able to rescue only 145 distressed beagles.

Last May 21, Judge Norman K. Moon approved a temporary restraining order against the controversial company.

Not just that, this company also faced cases that involve a 2021 inspection report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture about a seven-long month of mortality records from Envigo RMS.

In the said report, there were 300 records of puppies who died of unknown causes. However, Envigo RMS did not do any report or investigation about the case.

There were also reports about euthanizing beagles without anesthesia and even leaving sick dogs on their own, without medical care.

Dogs were seen to be weak, dehydrated, dirty, and in pain. Those dogs who were in good condition and health were sold to research facilities.

Can you imagine what these dogs were going through?

How many years and how many dogs suffered here? Just the thought of it will make you sick to your stomach.

“The dogs had no beds, no toys, no stimulation — no real lives. For more than 50 years, various companies have bred them at this dog factory farm to sell to laboratories for experimentation,” a PETA associate said in an interview with TODAY.

Fifty years? How many dogs had to experience this?

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization assisting in the biggest dog rescue they have ever had. They worked with the West Coast and some non-profit organizations in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and even Pennsylvania.

Everyone wanted to get those dogs out ASAP!

“This is one of the largest dog rescue efforts ever coordinated and has truly been a group effort. To know that these dogs will get to have the lives they deserve and not languish in cages for the rest of their lives is just so rewarding,” said Sue Bell in their blog post.

The eyes of these puppies would light up and wander as one by one, they were brought out of the facility.

Vets and volunteers would check their health.

They found out that each one had codes tattooed on their ears.

“For months now, we have witnessed first-hand the joy these dogs experience when their feet touch grass for the first time. They get a bone to chew on, and they experience love from a human being,” added Sue.

The dogs would freeze for a while as they feel the grass on their feet. Everything was unfamiliar because they lived in a small cage since they were born.

Now, they get to experience toys, large playgrounds, feel love and pets, and a life ahead of them.

Though, this is just the start.

These beagles need our help. They need their forever homes, and while these kind-hearted rescuers and fosters do their best to cater to their needs, these dogs’ forever home is out there.

If you are interested in volunteering, donating, fostering, or adopting, please check out this page.

If you are in California, Homeward Trails, please do contact Priceless Pets.

For all the kind-hearted people living in Wyoming, you can contact Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Many other animal shelters and non-profit organizations are working together to finally give each dog a forever home.

“Let them be dogs”, said Sue, and we agree. They deserve a life of love and nurturing.

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