3 Men distract passengers waiting on train with upbeat public piano performance

Music is so powerful.

It can heal and even bring people together.

Whether you are sad, in love, or happy, music can still touch our lives and make a difference.

Even if you’re busy or even in a hurry, hearing wonderful music can literally stop you from what you are doing.

Our world is full of talented musicians, and sometimes we find the most remarkable musicians in the most unlikely places.

Meet Theophilus ‘Boogie’ Martins.

He is a very talented piano player based in London, England.

He has his own YouTube channel where he shares his videos.


According to his bio, Theophilus is a passionate Christian musician who loves to play boogie and blues.

He’s only been at it 6 years.

Would you believe that this young man just started playing boogie and blues six years ago?

Hearing him play, you’d think the best pianist has coached him and had been playing since he was five.


One of Theophilus’ latest uploads caught the attention of many.

But he wasn’t alone.

Two other talented musicians joined him- Camden Stewart and Jared Nandra.

Camden Stewart loves to play the piano and also sings opera in his spare time.

Jared Nandra loves to play the Boogie Woogie and composes some neo-classical pieces.

What a talented trio!

The video begins as Theophilus plays in the St. Pancras International Railway Station, London.

You can see Jared and Camden clapping in rhythm at the back.

A few passersby looked, smiled, and went on their way. There was a couple who stayed and smiled while enjoying the music.

Just then, Camden joined on piano.

More people started looking. Some would even stop by and smile, clap or even show their appreciation by nodding to the beat.

The pace is faster and anyone who hears it would definitely have the urge to dance, or at least tap their foot to the beat.

There was an elderly man who even stopped and took a video.

After a few minutes, more and more people started taking out their phones to capture the beautiful sight and music.

Then Theophilus gives Jared a nod.

In no time, Jared jumps in to play as well.

With all three talented men hammering the keys, you hear a symphony of upbeat music streaming out of the piano.

You can see people rushing about only to stop and look in awe at the trio.

In fact, they became a distraction.

It’s hard to mark the passage of time when good tunes are flowing through the atmosphere, and some of these passengers almost missed their train rides.

Who would blame them?

Imagine three people playing on one piano.

Chances are, someone might miss a tune or fall back a few seconds, but in the four minutes of them playing, there wasn’t a single mistake.

That’s how good they are.

They even changed positions. Imagine being able to go back to the rhythm that easily?

It looked so easy for them.

After all, they are musically gifted.

The trio ended their piece with beautiful smiles on their faces, and their audience gave them a big round of applause.

Who would have thought that just by walking in this train station, you’d be enjoying such an aurally pleasing surprise?

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