115 pups are saved by neighbors who band together during a doggie daycare fire.

All the animals survived a fire that occurred at a dog daycare center owing to the quick action of neighbors as well as the firemen.

The Dog Resort, a dog daycare business in Seattle’s Lake City district, caught fire on February 1 around 11 a.m. There were more than 100 canines who were confined and in risk of dying.

Many immediately volunteered to assist as word of the fire reached nearby businesses.

Kenny Robinson, who works at a nearby office, told the Washington Post, “I thought, ‘I can sit here and watch, or I can go over and see if I can be of help.'” I was aware that there may be a fire adjacent to the dog run on the opposite side of the wall.

Robinson said, “There was no way I could cure Cody, but maybe I could assist these puppies.” He lost his own dog to cancer the previous year, which was one of his personal reasons for wanting to help the pups.

He worked quickly to get the dogs out of the daycare with the assistance of other neighbors and the staff members.

“We had to essentially drag them all out the door. Isaac Walker, a worker at Dog Resort, told KIRO, “We had to get them out immediately. I won’t say toss them. “There was no time for nonsense. That was extremely terrifying, but we managed to get everyone out.

Although it took a lot of work, all 115 dogs were ultimately saved from the fire.

Firefighters came as several of the dogs were struggling from the smoke and in need of oxygen. “It was incredibly hectic and traumatizing,” Robinson recalled. “I had to hunt down another dog that escaped from me. But we managed to remove them all.

A dryer in the building’s back sparked the incident, which was judged by an inquiry to be unintentional, according to a statement from the Seattle Fire Department.

The Dog Resort sustained $300,000 in property damage as a result of the fire, and a GoFundMe page has been created to aid with their reconstruction. Yet, they are grateful that everyone survived due to this incredible team effort and are counting their blessings.

According to the GoFundMe, “With the assistance of first responders and our beautiful community, we were able to accomplish a thorough evacuation safely with no casualties.”

The Seattle Fire Department’s David Cuerpo, a spokesperson for the department, told the Washington Post that “people really stepped forward – this was a communal effort to save these dogs.” It’s amazing how quickly everyone took action.

We’re very happy that all 115 dogs arrived safely! Truly a heroic rescue operation; it just goes to show what incredible things can happen when communities come together.

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