10-year-old girl delivers mom’s ‘miracle’ baby 3 weeks early

It is highly encouraged to give children a few chores at home.

Giving them a sense of responsibility allows them to be more proactive. They may be children, but their little hands and feet are as able as adults. You can give them simple chores like helping you cook, wash the dishes, or even sweep the floor.

However, who is to say that’s the only thing they could do?

Older kids can learn to do so much more. They can be trusted to watch over their younger siblings, load the laundry, and prepare simple meals. Never underestimate what a child can do. But if we’re talking about big responsibilities, nothing would compare to what this 10-year-old did.

This little girl helped her mom deliver her baby sister!

Yes, you’re reading that right. Ten-year-old Miracle Moore was at home with her mom, Viola Fair, who was pregnant. Suddenly, Viola felt a pain in her stomach, and she wasn’t expecting to give birth time because it was still three weeks earlier than her due.

But there was no one there to help or drive her to the hospital except for her daughters.

Viola asked Miracle to call 911 and call for help, which she did. She told the dispatchers of the situation, and they walked her through the process until they arrived. Miracle helped her mom give birth to her youngest sister.

She wasn’t named Miracle for nothing!

The dispatchers were amazed at how the ten-year-old handled the situation. It wasn’t something they encountered at work every day.

“I learned pretty quick that we had a serious situation. We have a set of protocols that we follow, and she followed all of my instructions to a ‘T’ and did an amazing job,” 911 Dispatcher Scott Stranghoener told 11 Alive.

Viola couldn’t be prouder of her daughter for all that big sister energy.

She said that when Miracle saw she couldn’t carry the baby, her daughter had the initiative to help by grabbing a towel and wrapping the newborn with it. She wiped off her little sister and even rubbed her back a little so she would cry.

Paramedics from Christian Hospital arrived moments later and took it from there.

Katie Barbero, one of the paramedics who responded, said they were glad everything went well. They came in, wrapped the baby with a blanket, and greeted her with a happy birthday. They credit Miracle for this miracle.

Miracle received two awards for her heroic act.

She hoped to be in the medical field one day because she loves to help people. We have no doubt that she would be a good one, and we’re cheering for her. But for now, it’s big-sister duties for her since she now has two baby sisters to take care of.

So far, Miracle’s doing a splendid job with that.

She said one of her favorite things about looking after her newborn sister is that she gets to hold her a lot. It’s a bonus that the little one doesn’t cry a lot. We could agree that maybe, just maybe, she loves how her sister has taken good care of her since birth. Literally.

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